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We can say the  WEBSITE is a powerful and important digital marketing tool among popular all other digital marketing tools, such as: Social Media Marketing, SEM, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, Chatbot, etc.


Popular types of website are corporate website, business website, sales website, online newspaper, magazine, blog, e-commerce website, portal, etc.

In addition to focusing on helping businesses to have a multi-purpose website to enhance their competitiveness and boost sales, we will advise businesses on how to use other digital marketing tools like social media. media, email marketing, SEO, etc. depending on needs.

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Imagine designing a website as opening a 'company' of yours on the internet. What you need is to

  1. Register the 'company' address: that is the domain name of the web itself, for example ''. 

  2. Choose a place large enough to locate your 'company': a place to host your website, also known as web hosting, and provide e-mailboxes.

  3. Design the rooms of the company: that means the design of the website's subsites and web functions.

  4. Connect to a large road so more people can visit your 'company' easily: It is also called broadband - Bandwidth. 

  5. A manager who runs the company on the internet: It is the one who is responsible to update your website and manage the email-boxes.

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Website – a great digital marketing tool that you can have full control

  • Unlimited advertising

  • Opening up many opportunities for cross-border connecting and cooperation  

  • Doing businesses 24/7 

  • Helping to receive orders, manage inventories and warehouses, logistics, and easier work collaboration and management

  • Promptly and effectively solve customers' questions

  • Helping to reducing acquisition, leasing and labor cost  

  • Conducting surveys, as well as collecting information and opinions from customers at low cost

  • Saving on postage and printing costs

  • Systematize communication with employees, customers and suppliers

  • Being recognized as a professional and well-managed company 

  • Getting online together with your competitors


Simply put, if you are not "online", how will customers find you?

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To be relevant in today’s market, you have to have a website.

It is not too much to say that the website can connect you with potential customers around the world, as long as they own or can access a computer or an internet-connected phone. 

Thanks to the website, customers find the product they want easily, can make a quick purchase decision, and the website can sell and collect money on your behalf.

Websites can introduce your products and services to thousands of customers at the same time, and so it is almost unnecessary to open large stores everywhere to sell your products and services. The Website is also a brochure and you can update any time, so you also do not need to print a lot and then leave when updating.

What's else? In seconds the website can sell to several hundred customers at the same time, and you don't need to hire hundreds of salespeople to show up for goods or prepare bills. Not only reducing operating costs, the website also saves you huge cost so that you can increase your competitiveness.  Also, many customers have a growing preference to purchasing online.

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Is your website a functionable design?

With the website, you can receive orders from all over the world - 24-hours per day - whether you are working or resting. In the same way, the website can help you receive feedback from customers, as well as can be used to do surveys, collect customer information as the input for developing advertising strategies, promotion strategies as well as developing new products.

Today the website can also help guests to book and confirm appointments with you, help register for events as well as sell tickets online.

To improve customer service capabilities, the website can install automatic "chat" or "live chat" with one or a few staff who are ready to answer customers online when needed, or install connection features to connect clients with the company phone.


Now that more people get to know your business, you have more opportunities to showcase and sell your great products, and the quicker and easier selling will bring you higher revenue in a shorter period of time.

So please spend more time for after-sales-service to ensure customer satisfaction. Focus on research and development of new products and services to improve competitiveness. As for sales, customer service, survey, warehouse management, etc., don't forget to take advantage of all the breakthrough advantages of the website that CalPrad will bring in for your rapid and vigorous growth of your business.

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From our experience during year 2020, businesses learned that they may  not to be able to keep the desk-based business working continuously. Therefore, business is required to develop alternative processes about manpower, consumption, time  and  competitiveness. Understanding what digital technology is and its benefits it can provide will help businesses perform more successfully and efficiently.


If your business is still struggling to digitize your business, please contact us today.


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