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What do you think when it comes to Ads?

  • Where does the advertisement appear: on paper, electronic newspaper, radio, television, movie theater, outdoor, ...?

  • What does it advertise: a company, product, service ...? 

  • What is it for? information, introduction ...? 

  • How is it? High cost? Expensive?

  • Do all businesses need to advertise?

  • Why does advertising cost so much money yet there are so many businesses that pay for it throughout the year?

  • When do businesses need advertising the most?

  • How to make advertising costs low while still ensuring the expected results?

What do you think when talking about Promotion

  1. Discounted product ?

  2. Product with promotional item? 

  3. Is it a consumer stimulation usually occurring in a short period of time? 

  4. To introduce new products?

  5. To increase market share/regain market share from your competitors?

  6. To liquidate inventory?

  7. What is the difference between push promotion and pull promotion?

  8. Why is a promotion program little-known?

  9. How to make a promotion program be more known quickly?

  10. How to complete promotion goals in the shortest time: for example, how to sell out of liquidated goods as soon as possible, how to urge customers to try new products for the business? How to outsmart competitors and win more market share in the shortest time?

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Promotion is a Marketing Mix tool that focuses on incentivizing purchases and encouraging sales.


Depending on the nature of the product, the market, the product life cycle, the participation of competitors, the buyer's readiness stage, etc.,  strategic planner decides to use push or pull marketing strategy.


Push marketing strategy, also known as Outbound Marketing, is pushing products/services closer to customers and prospects. How does it work? By using traditional approaches such as paid advertising or promotion program such as discounts on price of product/service, gifts, sampling, points accumulation program, gift / service vouchers, etc. 


Pull marketing strategy on the other hand means implementing a strategy that naturally draws consumer interest in your brand or products (usually with relevant and interesting content). It is also known as Inbound Marketing. The term “inbound” means that your marketing efforts cause prospects to find you when they have an interest. How does it work? By developing relevant and interesting content to draw consumer interest, or creating programs that encourage distribution channels to introduce your company's products / services, customers become aware of the company's products / services and consume them because they feel the products / services of your company can help solve their problems. 

In short, whether it is a pull or a push strategy or the combination of the both in a marketing program, PR, AD and Events are the thee most important communication channels determining the success of these programs. This is also our expertise to make your promotion goals perfectly achievable.  

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Popular advertising channels

ADS - Paid Media

These can include advertising on mass media such as television, radio, social media, outdoor advertising (panels, advertising posters), advertising on publications (newspapers, magazines, flyers, catalogs), internet advertising (buying advertisements on online newspapers, YouTube, Facebook), advertising by phone call, advertising by mailing, etc.

Using these media, the business has full control over the content of the information posted. Cost can be high, but with a long-term advertising plan, those costs can be greatly reduced.

Owned Media (Blog/Social media/Website)

Businesses own their own website or create pages on social media networks to directly communicate with customers and the public.


Businesses publish their information on their own media. The control of these multidimensional and multilateral information flows depends on the ingenuity of the business.

Earned Media - PR 

Earned media (or free media) refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid media advertising, which refers to publicity gained through advertising, or owned media, which refers to branding. A company can be publicly mentioned by a third party such as press, media, government officers, union, customers etc. at a press conference, event, forum, newspaper, mass media, review, photo or video. 


Although the company does not have control over the content of information provided by the third party, it can proactively direct the shared information in a positive direction or change the way others think about it positively. So, if applied correctly, PR is a very effective tool to help small businesses that have limited time, budget and resources to compete successfully against larger ones without spending too many marketing dollars.

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How are the unique advantages of Ads being used in marketing and how can they gradually reduce the influence of competitors?

Today's advertising is very diverse, requiring users with the knowledge and ability to best apply them to achieve the desired results. The below are some advantages of advertising:

  1. In the shortest possible time, businesses can attract current and potential customers to participate in their promotion programs.

  2. Used repeatedly to introduce new products or to market sales events.

  3. Through Advertising, businesses can completely actively introduce and guide the use of products and services in their own way.

  4. Advertising is also a means for businesses to make announcement, inform and educate their community.

  5. Long-term advertising can help direct, reinforce the business message and brand (top of mind), and reduce the influence of competitors in the market.

California Public Relations and Advertis

Don't miss the opportunity to do the right thing for more successes!

Regardless of which advertising format you choose to use or taking advantage of all three in a promotion, marketing, or a series of branding programs, defining concise, clear goals is very important. 

So tell us your goals for advertising and marketing.

We will sit down to work together, and choose the best options for accomplishing your important business goals.


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