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​Is your brand in the mind of your public?

Now, are you ready to tell us about your brands, markets, as well as your competitive advantages and challenges to achieve your business goals? ​ 

  • Who are your public and what do they know about you?

  • How does your public support you when you need their support?

  • When you incur challenges, are your public such as your employees, customers, business partners, public agencies, authorities, government officials, etc. willing to advocate for you?

  • Do your employees proudly show-off to everyone that they are working at your business? How proud are your business partners to work with you? Does the community and locality where your business operates take pride in your presence in their area?


Do you know what place your company occupies in the consumer's mind?

  • If you increase the price of a product, what will happen? Will your customers continue to support you? Will customers consider whether to continue buying your company's products? Or does the customer switch to buying your competitors' products without much consideration? 

  • When your product is no longer 'on the shelf', will your customer wait for a new batch, or will it be easily replaced by another one offered by your competitor?

  • Do customers value your product above your competitors' product and are willing to pay more for your product?

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So what is PR? How will your enterprise make your brand known to many people? How to make many people love, trust and support your brand? How to overcome your competitor? How to not compete on price? How to earn and secure an absolute trust and enthusiastic support from customers, local authorities, local media, partners, friends as well as those who are working for your company's growth and thriving?


What is PR? 

PR stands for Public Relations. PR is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public. The public in a broad sense means all people. However, for a business, the public can be anyone and individuals who are involved with or influences that business.

The PR audience of a business is usually: existing customers, or potential customers, media, governments, people in the region, shareholders, partners, competitors, businesses and its industry of professional associations.


The Benefits of PR? 

  • Helping to change the public's view of your business

  • Ensuring positive corporate information that reaches the public

  • Increasing corporate reputation, helping to consolidate and improve competitive advantage in the market

  • Helping to eliminate or minimize price competitiveness and be implicitly accepted by the market

  • Increasing sales volumes, sales profits and leads

  • Significantly reducing communication costs when combining

    • PR (earned media)

    • Social Media (own media)

    • AD (paid media 

  • Helping businesses maintain the support of shareholders

  • Attracting investors

  • Attracting and stabilizing talented human resources

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California PR & AD (CalPrad for short) assists in developing, executing and managing PR activities to help you achieve your brand goals and sales goals, while maintaining the sustainable development of your enterprise in the U.S and in Vietnam.


CalPrad PR services in US and in Vietnam include but are not limited to

  • Media Relations

  • Press Conference

  • Event Management: Launching events, Grand opening events, Trade events, Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions

  • Government Relations

  • Media Interview/Tour

  • Promotion event

  • Sponsorship

  • Contest


Through PR activities, businesses communicate and listen to their public's opinions, as well as, exchange with their public the information that their public needs to know about their businesses, products, services, as well as the business orientation and development. Success in PR does help you to expand your market, increase market share, offer your products and services at a better price than your competitors. As important, it does bring in bigger profits and benefits your beloved community at the same time.


Nowadays, successful management of PR practice is essential for businesses. Thanks to PR, business have opportunities to actively establish and preserve a positive image of their business in the hearts and minds of the public. PR plays a key role for the sustainable development of the business. Most importantly, a business that is loved by many people can always overcome many difficulties. Reality proves that even on the edge of the abyss, being loved by the public is the lifesaver to help businesses survive and become even stronger and more successful.


So do not hesitate building and improving your public relations! 


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