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There have been more than 300 articles about our first entry in the field of investment promotion and international cooperation in real estate, tourism and entertainment, and the professionals that we are associated who appreciated our service and success.



All of these things may be important, but for us, it is most important that we will sit together to explore opportunities for U.S.-Vietnam cooperation and investment that is best to help you grow fastest during the next 10-20 years.



Promoting cooperation and investment is not a single activity but a process of bringing together many chains of activities to be successful.  The most important of which is the activity that connects all needs together, being adjusted to become necessary and more interconnected, more feasible and in accordance with the law. Since the promotion of cooperation / and investment may not be the story of a day, a week, or even a month or a year, we need to be persistent, consistent, and clearly understand our goals, understand who you want to work with and especially understand the business practices of your own country and your partner’s home country to make success easier. 

Are you ready?  


In order to successfully promote cooperation and investment, your business needs a professional market research and investment marketing team, along with a detailed understanding of the law on investment cooperation. You need a well-researched, potential project, with a strong, detailed and sequential proposal about your investment opportunities, return on capital, profits etc.


Tell us about the company or project you are looking to call for cooperation and investment. Let us know if you want to find partners, raise capital, collaborate on technology, or invite experts.

Over the past 10 years, we have focused on investment and cooperation promotion in key economic sectors such as Real Estate, Construction, Tourism and Entertainment. We can expand into other areas such as Technology, Services and Commerce as we have our office in California, one of the most powerful economies in the United States and the world. Our office is located in Silicon Valley, the capital of the world's largest technology corporations and companies that support technology. Our office has many important connections to help you invest, call for investment / cooperation in the fields of real estate, construction, tourism, entertainment, technology, commercial and service areas to expand as required.  

As a pioneer of investment promotion in the field of real estate, we have launched a series of VIREC conferences to help Vietnamese companies call for investment right in the homeland, during the early days when Vietnam was developing world-wide business presence and prosperity and opportunities and became officially a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), 2006.

Continuously, we also pioneered the connection of domestic and international real estate brokers, and introduced international investment opportunities, especially to US, Canadian and UK and Australian alliance markets where many Vietnamese people reside, raise families began businesses and became an important part of those economies and their prosperities.


In 2010 -2012, for the purpose of introducing, informing and inspiring the Vietnam Entertainment market, we invited leading international experts to provide updates on the industry's development trends in modern amusement parks planning, mix-used planning consultants, game equipment companies, marketing consultants, and management consultants in the tourism and entertainment industry to Vietnam to help investors find the most suitable solutions for their projects.   

So that we may best assist you in the field of investment and cooperation promotion, please contact us at the earliest opportunity as the best opportunities. The US-Vietnam relations are making very favorable changes for bilateral cooperation and investment, and the best opportunities are likely very close to your fingertips. 

Thank you for your interest in our services:

Promotion of cooperation:

Promote US - Vietnamese cooperation in the field of tourism service provision

Promote US - Vietnamese cooperation in real estate 

Promote US - Vietnamese cooperation in the field of construction

Promote US-Vietnamese cooperation in technology and production

Promote US - Vietnamese cooperation in the service and distribution sector



Investment Promotion:

Promote US - Vietnamese investment in tourism

Promote US - Vietnamese investment in real estate

Promote US - Vietnamese investment in the field of construction

Promote US - Vietnamese investment in entertainment



Connecting Experts:

Connect with developers of real estate projects

Connect with developers of travel and entertainment projects

Connect with strategic consultants

Connect with business administration consultants

Connect with US - Vietnamese distributors

We will be listening to you and give you the options that best suit your individual conditions and circumstances.

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